Total Landscape Care – How to Create Fun and Functional Outdoor Kitchens

By March 24, 2015 December 31st, 2015 Media

outdoor kitchen design Charlotte, NCPublished in Total Landscape Care
March 2015

Make it practical.

Determine what appliances are must-haves, such as a grill and fridge, versus wish list items, such as a pizza oven. “Ask clients questions such as how often he or she plans to use the space and how many people will be dining here,” says J’Nell Bryson, a landscape architect based in Charlotte, North Carolina. “Understanding a client’s lifestyle helps you create a more livable kitchen.”

Don’t forget to build in ample workspace. Most designers suggest at least 18 to 24 inches of counter on either side of the grill. Consider an L-shaped design with a section at bar height of 42 inches to provide additional seating, and leave room for maneuvering. “Seating should be least four feet from the grill or sink so you can back a chair up and not get in the cook’s way,” says Bryson.

Add plantings to soften the hardscape, provide windbreaks, and create privacy. Install task and ambient lighting for nighttime. An edibles or culinary herb garden, fire pit, outdoor audio system and patio heater are other features to upsell clients. If necessary, install your design in phases as the client’s budget allows.